It started with a piece of cake...

as all good stories should. 

It was a Tuesday.

Rush hour was finishing up and I had just

picked up a slice of strawberry cake from a local bakery.

Breakfast looks different for everyone...

It had thick white frosting with red flecks

of fresh strawberry and it had called my name

the second I walked into the bakery.

And I just so happen to strongly believe

coffee tastes even better when paired with

red-flecked strawberry icing.

Trust me.


Elated, and pumped for my sugar rush -

I left the bakery, and hopped in my faithful Xterra, Nexi. 

Immediately pulling the delicious cake out of its box,

I pulled out of the parking lot and into the brand new day.



It was my day off and I was doing what every

cool person out there does to relax...

 driving around aimlessly...

taking in the sites...

with no real destination in mind.

While eating cake of course.

Did I mention I was cool?


And as I slowly rolled through the streets of Oak Cliff

(sorry 4 cars behind me), I started to notice for the first time,

the amount of parks tucked away, 

colorful murals stretching to the sky, and quirky store fronts

lining the street with their variety of goods and services.


And I thought to myself

“Wow, I need to actually walk around here sometimes…

there is so much to discover at street level!”


And within a couple blocks, the buildings

around me started to peak my curiosity as well.

Not necessarily the shiny, tall, built-within-the-last-50-years-buildings.

But the older, shorter, sturdier, grimier

brick buildings with their vintage painted signs

slowly fading on the sides of them.

Rubble crumbling off their corners.


And as I wiped a bit of misplaced frosting off my cheek,

I wondered...“What’s your story old brick girl?”

Because that’s how my mind works.

Give me history! Give me success and failure. 

Give me romance! 

Give me a story.


And I mused…what is the history of the businesses

that filled these streets years past?

And what are the businesses that fill them today?

Who are the people?

And what exactly is the need they are looking

to fulfill within their community? 


I suddenly craved more than my delicious strawberry cake!

Pulling over to the side of the street

(you are welcome 10 cars behind me)

it dawned on me what I craved…CONNECTIONS.


Stories that connected this neighborhood.

It’s history.

It’s people.

It's local businesses.

It's heartbeat.


And so the idea of Oak Cliff Connections was born.

Blessed cake included.